The Beauty of it All

Amazing animal eyes


Natural Selection  August 24

Amazing animal eyes… Can you guess what eye belongs to which animal?

Top row: Left – Caiman ; Middle – Husky ; Right – Gecko Middle row: Left – Crocodile ; Middle – Frog ; Right – Python Bottom row: Left – Squid ; Middle – Toucan ; Right – Goat Image sources: John Brody Photography


Though this is from Natural Selection FaceBook page and their slant toward evolution, the following are interesting articles that will provide information that the eyes we see around the world could only be from an Intelligent Designer- our Lord and Savior.

The evolution of the eye has always been a dilemma for evolutionists from Darwin’s time to the present. Although Darwin, Richard Dawkins and other evolutionists have tried to explain how an eye could evolve, their solutions are clearly unsatisfactory. Many kinds of eyes exist, but no progression of eye designs from simple to complex can be produced in the natural or fossil world.

Richard Dawkins has made comments concerning the human eye. Besides disparaging the organisation of the retina, he also claims that the eye could have developed gradually by small increments. The anatomy and physiology of the cornea, the eyelids and the tears illustrate how his reasoning is fallacious because of the principles of irreducible complexity and of genetic information gain.

The ‘inverted’ arrangement of the vertebrate retina, in which light has to pass through several inner layers of its neural apparatus before reaching the photoreceptors, has long been the butt of derision by evolutionists who claim that it is inefficient, and therefore evidence against design. This article reviews the reasons for our having the inverted retina and why the opposite arrangement (the verted retina), in which the photoreceptors are innermost and the first layer to receive incident light, would be liable to fail in creatures who have inverted retinas.


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