Intelligent Design, The Science of it All

Index to Young Earth Age Articles

This has been a tough article to write for several reasons: 1) I have made a final decision on the concept of the age of the earth and it creates several problems for me [ a) It places me firmly as a believer in the inerrancy of the Bible and opens me up to ridicule from many individuals, whom I might add have not done as much research as I have on the subject matter and b) It puts me at odds with many of the Intelligent Design researchers because I will insist that the ultimate designer is God]; 2) The subject matter is highly technical and required a great deal of research in many discipline fields. Presenting it in manner that can be read and understand by the average reader, and also providing the technical information for those who want to question my assertions was a challenge. I have tried to summarize the information in the main article and provided further information in the form of EndNotes or as a link to another article with more detailed information for those who want to explore that subject in greater detail and want to challenge my statements I present the facts from both sides.

I do apologize that the blog I am using does not allow for bookmarks so that when you leave one article and then click the link to return you will end up at the same place you left. In most instances just use your Back Button and your browser should return you approximately back to where you left off.

The case for intelligent design, like other scientific theories, is based upon empirical evidence, not religious dogma and design theorists have developed specific empirical arguments to support their theory. Critics may disagree with the conclusions of these arguments, but they cannot reasonably deny that they are based upon commonly accepted observations of the natural world.

I believe I can advance the theory of a Young Earth Age by comparing the explanatory power of YAE (Young Earth Age) against that of several other theories of MYA (Million Years Age). That the theory of YAE can explain the origin of the earth better than its materialistic competitors shows that it has passed an important scientific test. The theory of YAE, like the other historical scientific theories it competes against, is tested against our knowledge of the evidence in need of explanation and our knowledge of the cause-and-effect structure of the world. Considerations of causal adequacy provide an experience-based criterion by which to test— accept, reject, or prefer— competing historical scientific theories. When such theories cite causes that are known to produce the effect in question, they meet the test of causal adequacy; when they fail to cite such causes, they fail to meet this test.

That is the criterion used for the articles that follow the below structure (Note at this time this is a work in progress due to the complexities of the subject matter on both the secular and the Biblical side. Additional articles are being worked on and will be added. When the research is complete) :

Rationale for a Young Age Earth (YAE) ( )

Young Age Earth (

This article had several previously written and published articles:


( )

( )

Earth’s Magnetic Field ( )

Cause of the Earth’s Magnetic Field (

Dr John Baumgardner ( )

Geological Features of Other Planets


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