Intelligent Design, The Science of it All

Genomic DNA is not like computer programming

I remember when the news about Watson and Crick came out with their model of DNA.  Every magazine had cover photos and long articles and related articles.  It was the most exciting thing to happen in science (other than the first heart transplant) since the so-called Darwinian revolution a little over 100 years earlier.  Science was alive!  It made far more sense than the idiotic decade’s old junk being taught in the fuddy-duddy textbooks that were passed off as science, geography, social studies, and humanities.  Yes, it affected everything according to the news journals and magazines.  It was just a shame that I was unable, at that time, to distinguish scientific fact from the pseudo-science speculations that were occurring.


This is a place holder for the more detailed article to come.

LEM 7/16/2016


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