LGBT The hype


Historically, “gay” rights began to be recognized in America’s legal system when activists succeeded in shifting the argument from “morality” to “constitutional rights.” After the homosexual lobby lost before the U.S Supreme Court in Bowers v. Hardwick (1986) by a 5–4 decision, those wishing to expand the interpretation of the 14th Amendment’s Due Process clause to embrace the right to engage in homosexual activity realized they had to change the question. They recognized the moral foundation of society—which was biblically based—could not be as easily changed as social and legal opinions about civil rights. After all, freedom and rights are dear to all Americans. The key then, historically, was for them to change the question from one of morality to one of civil rights. Ultimately, the 1986 decision that had reinforced traditional morality was overturned in Lawrence v. Texas (2003). As a result of this strategy, laws based on morality are now unconstitutional.

However, to stir the waters:

Every human being on this earth is the result of a male sperm uniting with a female egg to produce that baby human, which grew inside a woman’s body. Surprise! Male and female humans have special equipment to facilitate this process. Males have a sophisticated sperm deposit system, females also have a sophisticated receptor/fetus-to-baby nurture system. This is normal.

Is it possible that this super-intelligent, super-powerful Creator, who also created the human brain and human psyche, does not care what we choose to do with our bodies? Does this Creator not care if we call abnormal behavior normal? For example, if a man inserts his sperm depositor into another man’s garbage disposal tube, does the Creator not care? Surprise! The greatest authority the world has ever known tells us that the Creator does have an opinion about this. The Creator thinks it is an abomination, human opinion and human passion notwithstanding.


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