Gender Endangered


After decades of claiming that homosexuality is inborn and unchangeable, homosexual activists who are allied with the growing transgender movement are now beginning to assert that sexual orientation is fluid—and that one can become whatever he or she wants to be along a sexual continuum. The sexual continuum concept is not new. Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey invented what is known as the “Kinsey Scale” that places heterosexuality on one end of a seven point scale and homosexuality on the other end. In between are varying degrees of either homosexual or heterosexual behaviors. Bisexuality is in the middle and was considered by Kinsey to be the ideal. Kinsey believed that all sexual behaviors were normal—even bestiality. Kinsey’s co-author Wardell Pomeroy, for example, described the possibility that boys could have a loving relationship with farm animals in his 1981 book, Boys and Sex. Some boys, says Pomeroy, “…build a strong emotional attachment to a particular animal … a loving sexual relationship with an animal …

Kinsey’s sexual continuum scale is ideally suited to the transgender movement, which claims that maleness and femaleness are simply social constructions—not genetic realities. Gender- Pac, for example, has created a whole new vocabulary to blur the distinctions between male and female. In its online “Glossary of Terms,” GenderPac defines “Gender” as “…the way we perceive things to be masculine or feminine.” GenderPac also defines “Gender Expression” as “…things like clothing and behavior that manifests a person’s fundamental sense of themselves as masculine or feminine, male or female.” It then defines “Gender Identity” as “… an individual’s fundamental sense of themselves as masculine or feminine, and male or female.

GenderPac has successfully redefined what it means to be male or female by describing gender as simply a perception or a feeling. Not only is gender relegated to a person’s opinion about himself, anyone who disagrees with this view is guilty of “genderphobia.”

GenderPac leader Ricki Wilchins, a male-to-female transgender compares “genderphobia” with the non-existent condition called “homophobia” in a press release issued on April 17, 2003. He notes that GenderPac has joined forces with the homosexual group Human Rights Campaign in order to fight for federal laws to protect “gender expression” and “gender identity” in the workplace. According to Wilchins, “…homophobia comes from the same hateful place as genderphobia.” Transgenderism is considered a sexual orientation just like homosexuality —and transgender activists are working to gain protected minority status under hate crimes laws and laws ostensibly designed to protect minorities from discrimination.



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